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Santi in Schools

The exhibition ¿Conoces a Santi? can visit your school.

The exhibition ¿Conoces a Santi? consists of photographs, infographics and videos taken by students from elementary to high school, together with materials contributed by grassroots organizations that work on the Santiago River.
It is also made up of testimonials from some of these children and young people.
We invite you to contribute your ideas, words or photographs and take part in the exhibition.

¿Conoces a Santi? focuses on the rights of children and young people, while also providing information about rivers, pollution and how we can get involved in solutions.
What do you like and what would you like to see changed in your community? Take a photo, write a poem, story or song and be part of ¿Conoces a Santi?
If you are interested in having the exhibition visit your school, we invite you to get in touch.